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Transport Supvr

First day at Jurong Camp 1, Transport Hub West and immediately, I received my new posting there in a super bo liao manner. 3 of us transport supervisors went there to report. S1 asked about our schooling background and immediately, assigned me to S3 branch simply because I am from Hwa Chong and also my A level results. WTH?! So random... So elitist lorh... EEKS! Made me seperated from my other dear peers who got posted out to PLC node!!! So now, I am all alone. But fortunately, I think the new colleagues in the Ops Office look pretty nice people, unlike those UNIQUE MUTATED RETARDS at STC.

Hmmm... Well... But somehow, I do miss the 6 and 1/2 months at STC, miss the slacking and especially miss my course mates. I missed how we slack day after day, how we complained and criticised those stupid retards at STC everyday, how we teased and made fun of each other. The happiest and worst incidents that happened in 2009 all happened while I was in STC.

Thank you TPT SUP 02/09.


New Year??

The year 2009 may be considered to be a lucky year and yet is a sucky year, just depending on how I choose to view it.

Lucky, because my A-level reults were pretty good, my teaching internship was great, my BMT platoon was the least tough(?), I got to watch Lam Fung's concert, I got into a slack vocation of transport supvr, I get to learn driving for free (though no license) and my driving instructor was the BEST and KINDEST of all who even sms-ed me happy new year a minute ago.

Sucky, probably because my brother no longer stay with us (though I should be happy that he got married), and maybe a couple of rs matters.

December 2009, a month that I will never forget. A month which brought me my happiest moments and the saddest moments.

The last day of 2009 was actually spent like "this".

A new year resolution always sound stupid but yea, I do have.
My New Year resolution for 2010:
1) I just hope to be happy.
2) I don't want any more friends to leave me.

A new year doesn't symbolise anything. Life goes on.

谢谢你 Thank you

Hmmm… Have not been touching LJ for quite a long while.

First and foremost, A GREAT THANK TO EVERYONE who wished me a happy day on this so-called “special” occasion. The greatest thanks to the few whose messages came in first few, without you few people, I would have missed out on lots of happy moments in the past 3 to 4 years.

Thank you B for the dinner last weekend and the lunch yesterday. You shouldn’t have spent so much just to treat me when you are broke. You make me feel like I owe you a lot. A really big thank you.

Anyway, I think it was like so fated that SAF/STC/STK choose to make me end my driving course on my birthday. They allowed me to pass my TP on the FIRST ATTEMPT and complete my man truck, DCP and OUV at such “scheduled” timing. Another good thing is that they made C complete his course one day earlier, which somehow seems to be good for me.

And now, I am back to TTW under that slack king warrant Adnan. Just hope that doggie Ravi, doggie Anthony plus puppy Ariff don’t disturb us while we enjoy our last moments in advance alley. The barking is simply too unbearable and annoying. I shall report back to camp on Monday and enjoy my leave from next Tuesday to Sunday!

Looking at people completing OCS and passing out as 2LT, it makes me feel that I have been rotting away at STC for the past 6 months. But but but, I don’t really mind and it’s great pleasure to know this bunch of transport sups, especially this rare great friend of mine.

On a side note, there is this stupid BAT which kept flying into my house at night since last weekend. At first I thought it was a bird because I didn’t see it clearly. Only until last night when it hung itself on the lights, then I knew it was a freaking BAT. It dirtied the floor and my entire bed! Luckily my brother is no longer living here so I can just use his bed.

I think sometimes, “we” can do something unusual such as going tree top walk at macritchie, going marina barrage, pasir ris park, bukit timah hill, or having meals at Holland V, Geylang, Chinatown, etc, instead of going Orchard, Suntec, kboxing all the time mah.

Last of all, I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Enlighten me

  1. Do you see (married) couple walking far apart, with the man in front and the woman AT LEAST 10metres behind, every single time they go out? This happens in my house. You will see the woman criticizing every Sunday’s lunch that the man cooks. You will see the woman nagging and pin-pointing at most of the things that the man does, mostly reasonable. Though the criticisms come with valid reasons, there could be more tolerance and acceptance. On the other hand, you see how insensitive, how unintelligent the man works. The woman wants to buy something, yet the man doesn't ask what she wants to buy and just stands outside the shop waiting. He doesn't try to understand what the woman wants. I have to stand a moderate distance between the two people whenever we go out, so as not to be too far away from the man, yet don’t let the woman feel that she is left far behind. With a higher EQ brother around, my load is often lessened by a lot. BUT, as he is going to move out really soon, I will have to handle this myself and the house will be a lot duller. FUCK. Where got such husband and wife one?! “I smile, but in my mind, I think KNNBCCB.” I seriously loathe such situations. I promise this will not happen to me next time, provided I do get married.


  1. I completely have no idea what happened. All of a sudden, you choose to retaliate and caught me all by surprise. I have really thought all these have ceased to happen a month ago when the course started. No appetite, deciding to sit away from me, like WTH, I swear I have not done anything since the end of advance alley. Siao! Not being able to be friends, does not necessarily mean we have to be head-on enemies. 做不成朋友,是否一定要成为敌人?


  1. I do wish to celebrate your birthday for you but because of circumstances, I can’t. I so wanted to show my concern when you weren’t feeling good, when you lost your stuff but because of circumstances, I can’t. I have to show my concern through a fourth party. Ridiculous. Times at the Driving Circuit were much better because I feel so much less stressed without the presence of that freak.


  1. After much commotion, we have come to a conclusion that apart from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), SAF has the largest number of morons, retarded idiots and crazy patients. Sembawang Camp, Supply and Transport Centre so happen to accommodate most of them. The system was alright and yet, certain morons choose to incur public wrath upon themselves. Good job! You guys have successfully done it! Even if you have to prove to the officers and SSM that you guys are indeed DOING SOMETHING, can you guys choose some other alternatives, instead of traveling all the way from Sembawang to Kaki Bukit to make life difficult for 300 people??? RETARDED MORONS!!!


  1. A 33-hour weekend, inclusive of traveling, sleeping, meal time, is simply too freaking short for me to accomplish anything. This is an incentive for anyone to pass the driving test as soon as possible. But having to part with the peers is a disincentive.

That tattoo intrigues me

I think driving is fun, but definitely not driving military vehicles. How I wish I can get a civilian license now! Giving way to all vehicles, keeping left permanently, obstructing traffic behind you due to slow speed, checking mirrors ONE MILLION TIMES, getting all sweaty and drenched after a short drive is all not fun at all.



Though almost every single NSF has been complaining about how serving NS is wasting our time, I do think that there is/are benefit(s). The characteristics of people around me in my usual social circle don’t really deviate that much. Having to be in this course for the past 4 months and ongoing, I do observe a lot of different characters and human behaviour. There is this AC guy whom I am pretty interested in understanding all this while (not that kind of “interested”) since months ago. He did something which intrigued me even more now. I get to know some nice ITE people who totally don’t look like they were from ITE. I get to know how different poly is from JC. Pardon my ignorance. Anyway, I think my Transport Supervisors course mates are really nice. On top of that, I also get to see how ridiculous some “people” can get, for example, contributing to noise pollution 24/7/365, shitting and not flushing, dirtying their own living environment extensively, shamefully disgracing themselves and without any self-awareness, etc, etc. It gives me an insight to people from almost all walks of life.



Can you imagine having all the toilet seaters unable to be flushed, from storey 1 to storey 5 of the STC building? WOW! What’s more amazing is that some retarded freaks still choose to do their businesses in those toilets! You guys deserve a tap on your back. I do understand why Warrant Ravi calls STC a SEMBAWANG ZOO. After some discussion, we came to a conclusion that SAF will benefit more by firing some enciks to hire more toilet cleaners and repairers. You will be able to hire THREE CLEANERS by firing ONE ENCIK, for eg: MOUSTACHE BLACKIE, the condemned staff and more to go. Isn’t this great?

新谣 <3

It has been 6 weeks since I last stayed in. I guess this driving course is the “toughest” period ever since I graduated from BMT. The transport supervisor was not even as tough as the life now, even though there were the so-called “field camp”. But I guess I shouldn’t complain so much since there are more people having worse life in camp (though there are equally a large number of clerks from HC). The change in bunk dynamic and personnel around me has also inevitably reduced the level of happiness I used to enjoy in the past. It was my fault nevertheless. I just yearn for this course to end as soon as possible.



Today, I paid 17 bucks to attend a pretty nice open-air kbox session at the floating platform. I had the chance to sing the unique songs which won’t usually appear on kbox or top-one screens and got to sing along with thousands of dear aunties and uncles. We should never bear the stereotype that only youngsters can go high. The elderly and aunties in particular can go hyper too, waving the sticks and shaking their bodies with music. We should see such vitality and vibrancy in more of our elderly, instead of the gloomy faces and scenes at the void decks and kopitiam, waiting to collect CPF and worrying about the time to retire.


Listening to those Chinese oldies and being able to sing 70 – 80% of them was a satisfying experience, and a nostalgic one, bringing back faint images of how I sat in the car listening to 95.8FM in the past. For now, this radio station is no longer in my listening list. 883, 933 and 1003 have replaced the station of oldies.


I like the songs by 邓丽君 and her voice in particular. But I love 新谣 even more. 《小人物的心声》 is an apt description of who I am. 《关怀方式》 never fails to touch my heart and brings back the blurred image of 方老师(陈汉伟) and 朱茵 with the 七月歌台 in the background. I really hope to watch 《七月俏佳人》 again. With 陈洁仪 being my favourite local singer all the while and the few memorable songs by 许美静, I don’t find why we shouldn’t be proud of our local products (apart from 潘嘉丽 and 郭美美).








我害怕book in. 我固然讨厌那些SAF天天在白养的“老不死”,但他们并不止于有那个能力使我感到害怕。试问人又怎么会害怕苍蝇呢?我从来不曾想过竟有人有那个能力使我感到畏惧。1+1=???。两个人加起来的影响力,居然是无限量大的。我的胃口、心情、思绪、精力、集中力都完完全全取决于他们的存在。





“伤心的不会去挤人潮,以凸显自己的落寂;开心当然不介意热闹,恨不得全天下都看见。”--- 摘自《联合早报 – 走在无路可走的路上》

Ugly S'poreans to do some self-reflection

Hello Singaporeans…


Don’t complain if no locals want to work at coffee shops for long hours and still expect people to serve you.


Don’t complain if you want your skyscrapers if no locals will ever build them.


Don’t criticize PRCs and Bangla for not knowing how to queue if you yourself don’t understand what the meanings of these few instructions are: “PLEASE GIVE WAY TO ALIGHTING PASSENGERS BEFORE BOARDING”, “PLEASE MOVE TO THE CENTRE OF THE CAR” and “PLEASE MOVE TO THE REAR OF THE BUS”.


Don’t claim that non-citizens have low productivity when some locals have EVEN LOWER ones.



Today our warrant finally flew into a rage after so many weeks. Our present strength is never above 50% and some people have been taking MCs for the past 3 weeks. TOTALLY IMBA isn’t it??? Aiyah… But the activities in camp for this month have only been sleeping, reading, talking, psp-ing, mess-ing and day-dreaming. Of course people would rather do all these at home as opposed to in camp. Only 5 or 6 people, out of 30, have so far not taken any fake MCs yet, and I AM ONE OF THEM. =)


Though there is a valid reason for him to get fed up, I still freaking despise this old retarded big-belly abuneh. He takes LIGHTYEARS to process one freaking piece of leave and pops up with stupid comments. I filled up my leave form on Tuesday and it is still not signed yet at this moment. For those applying leave for tomorrow, they waited from 5:30pm till 7:30pm today for this piece of lard to sign their forms. -.- Whenever people enter the office to look for him, before they obtain what they want, this IMBA lard will ask him to do some saigang first, ask a lot of dumb questions, talk some crap, before considering to help the trainee. On top of that, he charged some people with SOL for having SLIGHTLY longer hair.


Don’t you just feel like stuffing some grenade into such mutated freak’s mouth???

Give me back my appetite!!!

F: 今天是090909长长久久良辰吉日。还没表白的话赶快抓紧时机!:-)

W: I have no one to confess to… You can confess to your loved one instead.

F: 别骗。你喜欢的人我早知道。

W: Who is it? How come I don’t know myself…

F: 那个人告诉我了。

W: Who is that person then? Please enlighten me.

F: 圣母。


Dotz… No comments. -.-


*** *** ***

Wooh! We went to Yishun Fire Station this afternoon for some primary school kind of excursion programme. It’s really like teachers bringing kids out, though the SSM is never a friendly “teacher”. And scoring 9/10 for the CPR and fire safety quiz allowed me to contribute to my household income – a $10 NTUC Voucher! The four of us scored the highest of all, though I didn’t know why so few people scored, since almost everything was in the notes distributed. So nice of the SAF! I thought I could have scored full marks one lo. I bet my answer is correct for the question which was marked wrong, because it wasn’t a difficult first aid question. I WANT MY PRECIOUS FIRST AID SKILLS BACK! :(


*** *** ***

I have to constantly remind myself not to be so easily affected by others and be less petty. I have to learn to be more tolerant and accepting from now on. KEEP THIS IN MIND!


*** *** ***

I want my appetite back so that I can eat food again! ><